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This intelligent employee effort solution offers actionable insights in what really holds back your employees to perform their day-to-day job effectively, efficiently and autonomously.


Make it easy and build effortless experiences

When we make it difficult for employees to do their jobs, it translates to the experience they deliver for their customers. The frustration that effort evokes will somehow manifest itself in the employee-customer relationship.

(Source: CEB Gartner)

Everytime you get promoted you get further away from reality. 

By the time you are CEO, you are the most ignorant person in your organisation.

Sensei Imai Maasaki,

founding father of Kaizen 





are known by

top management

are known by

middle management

are known by


are known by frontline employees

Operational pain points known in the organisation

Get actionable insights in employee pain points at every level

Gather  feedback through continuous micro surveys. Get the answers you need when we need them - with minimum effort for your employees.

Use action-oriented

real-time analytics  and always be up to date on what's happening. Track insights over time and dive as deep into the data as needed.

Turn feedback into action using text mining & natural language analysis. Mining key words. 

Pulling out trends in the data en analyse sentiment.

We'll help you keep track of your organisation-wide inefficiencies and focus on what's important for your employees to deliver the customer experience you have envisioned 


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Measure how easy it is for your employees to do their work accordingly, efficiently and autonomously.


 to 30 percent is the average companies loose in revenue every year due to inefficiencies



of the employees' salary is the average cost to replace him/her



of all transformation investments are wasted due to bad change management

(average of $97 million for every $1 billion)

(PMI Institute)

Why use employease





Incorporate company-wide feedback from all levels into the process of continuous improvement.


Identify customer needs and design amazing experiences mixing digital and human interactions, making sure your customers love you.

Understand how your change programs are perceived by your employees. Decide what needs to be done and track evolution.


Understand what holds your employees back increasing engagement, retention, and productivity along the process. 

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