10 inspiring Zappos human-centric customer support stories

When support is amazing, it has a value to the organization that is hard to quantify.
Vincent Defour

Think of those companies that are consistently rated as service excellence powerhouses. What are their lines of business? Zappos is such a powerhouse, acknowledged by experts worldwide for the service they deliver. It just sold shoes online when it started.

Today it is the epitome of service excellence. Their reputation is their selling point. There are plenty of online e-tailers that compete in their space. But their service – oh wow – their **service** is what really sets them apart.

As a result, they don’t focus on competing on price, because they don’t have to. They are selling shoes, yes. But what are they really selling?

Service. That’s right, the best darned service out there. Crazy good. We’ve found 10 Zappos story that inspired us and we think you will love them too.

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