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Look, a brand-new book! 18 December 2017. Name: ZEAL - Beziel je organisatie. Sex: Gender neutral. Weight: 445 g.
Kim Oostvogels

Three years ago, I discovered I had enough. After having worked as a consultant for years, contributing to the growth of our organizations, I could also see the flip side. Many organizations waste time and money on management nonsense, to the detriment of their staff.

How I coped, you ask? Well, I put pen to paper. The result? A book! And not just any book. This is a ‘survival guide for the corporate jungle’. Tips & tricks, striking anecdotes and an inspiring quote here and there to encourage everyone who works in the corporate world and is confronted with management nonsense.

Writer’s block. ‘A writer’s temporary inability to write.’ I couldn’t really define myself as a writer just yet, but still… Writer’s block. Was this really the story I wanted to tell? Was this the seed I wished to sow? Would this book truly make a difference? What did I really want to share?

Allergic to management nonsense

I admit, I like to take a stand against management nonsense. Then again, writing a whole book about it did seem like a bit of a waste of time. If we could get rid of management nonsense altogether, in all companies, wouldn’t it free up so much time and energy for other issues?

Passionate about change management

As a tutor and change management coach, I support people and organizations, I hold up a mirror to them, and I provide them with the tools they need to bring about change, smoothly and efficiently. That is my passion. Head to any library and you’ll see shelves filled to the brim with books about change management, each one of them suggesting a different approach. Maybe that is precisely where the problem lies. Can we still see the wood for the trees? Clearly not if you look at some change processes in organizations – they are linear, simplistic and naive. Does ‘change in 7 steps’ ring a bell? It gives me the creeps and I consider myself lucky for not working at one of these companies and not having to go through this change. We need to go back to the basics and focus on the key building blocks for good change processes. A custom approach to boost satisfaction at work and the organization’s strength is the only way forward.

Adults joining forces

Every now and again you meet special people, passionate and gifted leaders. They inspire you, take you under their wing and get the best out of both their teams and their organizations. Just perfect. However, more often than not, our leaders and managers are just average people with weaknesses and ego-driven personality traits. That’s why the system fails. That’s why our organizations are not managed as they should be. Managers can make or break the traditional organizational methods and the people subject to them. As a result, we see organizations experimenting with new, innovative, staff-friendly organizational approaches that encourage everyone to jump on board and nourish mature relationships between people. Gone are the days of unhealthy dependence on the ‘hero leader’. These new methods get everyone to jump on board by focusing on five key working areas.

An active role for all

Day in, day out, we are faced with social challenges. Ominous messages have a numbing effect on us. We simply don’t hear them anymore. That being said, I see people in different fields take action. The United Nations launched the Sustainable Development Goals –  193 countries working to achieve 17 goals by 2030, from the battle against poverty to gender equality, economic growth, peace, justice and measures to tackle climate change. It’s an ambitious plan. A plan we can’t achieve on our own. We need to join forces,  commit to this joint project and find a collective motivation.

Driven organizations

Driven organizations can be part of the solution –  companies that organise their goals effectively and with a clear focus, that smoothly change and adapt to our dynamic reality, adopt new, staff-friendly and inspiring methods and make a meaningful contribution.

This is my story. This is my book. You too can make a difference!

Go to www.zealnet.orgto find out more.

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