Becoming 20% more efficient without investing 1 euro?

A committed employee will work at least 20% more efficiently than the ‘average’ employee.
Peter Willen

Leadership waste: the mother of all waste

Everybody’s talking about the 7+1 types of waste. And, of course, everything can always be done better and faster…. and, of course, every organisation is always striving to achieve better quality and better productivity. But where are the easiest gains to be found?

You may recognize it:

  • Why do you get up without a murmur when there’s something fun to be done?
  • Why is the result always better if we really feel committed?
  • Why do you always start with the job that you want passionately to do immediately and the annoying tasks are left for days on the blacklist?

Commitment and engagement are the keys. A committed employee will work at least 20% more efficiently than the ‘average’ employee. That is the challenge for every service organisation. Those are the ‘low-hanging fruits’ for your organisation. You can improve your efficiency by 20% without investing in IT, in infrastructure or in extra personnel. What are you waiting for?

How to start

  1. Create a clear vision and strategy
  2. Ensure that every employee is able to talk about it
  3. Make the strategy concrete and visual on the shop floor
  4. Give each employee the opportunity to take initiative
  5. Experiment with the ideas, make adjustments and improvements
  6. Repeat the previous step every day

Simple! And it works! You only have to apply the steps set out above consistently and your organisation & personnel will automatically start to become more efficient. Do it! Now!

Or perhaps you’ve thought of a reason not to? Let me know if that’s the case.

Thanks for reading

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