Dashboard for follow up on market share and growth for APR-DRG

Insights regarding market share for each town and the evolution of the number of patients for each MDC and APR-DRG is growing in importance for hospitals, as well on a hospital level as on a network level. Möbius has built an interactive dashboard for each APR-DRG which enable hospitals to consult all information in the blink of an eye.

Melissa Desmedt

Dashboard functionalities 

Via the dashboard you can consult the following information for each APR-DRG:

  • The market share for each town of a certain region like the attraction area of the hospital, network region, …
  • A detailed overview on the level of each individual town on the number of patients for each MDC and APR-DRG
  • A projection of the number of intakes for each MDC and APR-DRG before 2030, split up for individual towns
  • An analysis of the current number of hospitalization days in 2030
  • The identification of a few important USP’s for a hospital, based on the current market share and the estimated evolution

This dashboard for each MDC or APR-DRG takes the historical data of the hospital, demographic evolution and hospitalization ratio into account. This is a dashboard that is specifically important in the boardroom and lets you predict the needed capacity on a network and/or hospital level. In this way, you can take the right decisions based upon the data in our dashboard.

Demo dashboard for each APR-DRG 

Möbius can build personalized, interactive dashboards based on the hospital-specific data.
We would love to discuss this for your specific hospital(network).
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