Designing the right experience.. fortunately not a walk in the park!

Your business should be brand led and customer informed. This means you should lead your business according to your brand value and vision.
Dorothée Laire

See the four step cycle below, you should remember to shape, deliver and enhance customer experiences!

As explained by Denise Lee Yohn in her bestseller “What Great Brands Do”, your business should be brand led and customer informed. This means you should lead your business according to your brand value and vision (what does your brand/business stand for?). Great brands are first grown inside-out and built around a strong culture. This is important in a time where customers value authenticity and integrity. At the same time, you should be obsessed by your customers. Define your target group and know what really matters to them. Do not try to win everyone’s attention as you will not build sustainable brand equity by trying to address everyone. You want to focus on those customers that add value to your business.

Once you have defined and understand your target group, you should gain insights on which value matters to them in order to create experiences that stick. And remember, experience refers to the sum of all interactions between a customer and a brand/company. It is not limited to delivering outstanding products and services.

Use storytelling and experential marketing techniques to communicate about your meaningful experiences.

Great brands stimulate business success. If a brand equals experience, it should not be limited to the responsibility of marketing and sales. Your entire organisation is responsible for creating amazing and consistent customer experiences. A great product with splendid marketing will not lead to sustainable customer loyalty if the customer support sucks. So say farewell to those silos! It is time to mobilize your organisation as a whole to deliver experiences that matter. You will need to combine your precious data (technology) with human forces (empathy and creativity) to make the magic happen!

All your business processes should be aligned, end-to-end, around creating the right experiences. This requires a customer centric mindset amongst your employees.

And last but not least, keep monitoring your customer efforts. Capture all possible data and use it well. Stay customer obsessed. Never stop listening to keep yourself informed about changing needs and preferences. Evaluate your offered experiences and dare to adapt, improve. Be agile, but most of all, stay empathic and creative!

I wish you lots of success!

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