Getting started on your Continuous Improvement journey

Some tips from our Operational Excellence experts to get started

A lot of companies have a program or a trajectory that focuses on lean, continuous improvement or operational excellence. All those tracks started from a need or pain that has to be addressed.

In this short video, Hans Feryn talks about what continuous improvement means for him and what the drivers were to start a continuous improvement journey at Vandemoortele.

Frédéric Loose
Frédéric Loose

Does your company also want to embark on a continuous improvement journey?

Some tips from our Operational Excellence experts to get started:

1. Start with setting a clear goal and defining the need: What is the problem you want to solve? Which ideal situation do you want to achieve (the future state)?

2. In the next step, you want to chop the elephant into smaller pieces: Which actions or (small) projects are needed to achieve this goal? Which tools and systems need to be improved or put in place?

3. To finalize, these topics need to be implemented in a clear roadmap. This can be a 3-5 year strategic plan that coexists with the company’s strategy or a short 6-months action plan. This will visualize the needed time and resources and will support the organization in following up on the progress.

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