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My first 100 days at Möbius
Peter Debaere

About values and more

As young starters, we were given an assignment on our first working day to write a report after three months on our first 100 days at Möbius. I quickly realised that I wanted to do something related to Möbius’ four corporate values: ‘shoulder-to-shoulder’, ‘guts’, ‘perseverance’ and ‘touchdown’. Those values are an important reason why I decided to work at Möbius. Now I was able to discover to what extent those values were really applied in daily life, or whether they serve only to fill the website, or enhance a sales pitch.

To prevent my story about the values from remaining too insubstantial or abstract, I chose to underpin my personal experience quantitatively and to make it tangible – a quality that’s apparently part of the DNA of every Möbian.

For 100 days I kept a daily score of each of the four values. A score between 1 and 4, depending on how I experienced that value. I defined the difference between 1, 2, 3 and 4 for myself. In order to code consistently for 100 days, I worked using a simple, 2-dimensional matrix: intensity and duration. For example, if I experienced a value very intensely, and throughout the day, I gave a score of 4 on that day.

What were the results after 100 days of keeping a meticulous tally?

Altogether, it turned out that the value ‘shoulder-to-shoulder’ stood out most for me, with a score of 235 of a maximum of 400. This is largely thanks to the Möbius Academy, in which all of us starters were immersed in ‘the Möbius way of working’ for about three weeks. We were also sent out with more experienced colleagues so that we could observe some theories put into practice. The ‘shoulder-to-shoulder’ feeling was also strongly stimulated because we could quickly collaborate on practical challenges together with our clients. That ‘on-the-job training’ is perhaps the most important part of the Möbius Academy.

It becomes more fun if we link “value” scores to various days of the week. It emerges that the ‘shoulder-to-shoulder’ feeling grows stronger as the week progresses. That’s logical because we get together with clients or colleagues at the end of the week to discuss the progress of a project or initiative, and to set action points for the coming week.

The scores for the value ‘perseverance’ also show a clear ‘ end of the week rush’: on Thursday and Friday we want to complete work so we can start the weekend with a clear mind. Strikingly, the value ‘touchdown’ doesn’t decrease on Fridays, even though that’s a day filled with meetings. In other words, we seem to be successful at holding efficient and solution-oriented meetings.

Tuesday is ‘guts’ day. Just when the other values are less tangible, there is extra room on Tuesdays for innovation and creativity. You need me to think outside the box? Call me on a Tuesday.

If we view the four values for a trend across 100 days, we observe one huge variable. That gives me confidence for the future. If the next series of 100 days shows the same succession of peaks and troughs, I won’t experience working at Möbius as a routine.

Finally, allow me to highlight one peak to illustrate that high scores can have diverse causes. The Möbius Academy isn’t the only thing that provides a strong ‘shoulder-to-shoulder’ feeling.

Around September 20 we held several sounding-board sessions at a local government to test a new service concept. Although I had been working at Möbius for only a month, I was given the autonomy and trust to lead the sessions on my own (‘guts’). These sessions resulted in valuable input (‘touchdown’) in a very interactive manner (‘shoulder-to-shoulder’). Afterwards I had a good conversation with the client to anticipate together (‘shoulder-to-shoulder’) possible obstacles that could undermine a qualitative final result of the project (‘touchdown’).

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