Internship at Möbius

Business consulting, profoundly different, experiencing full growth with four clear values, I simply had to know more about this!

The first contact with Möbius was pure coincidence: I went to the VEK company presentations with two listed Bel-20 companies on the programme and … Möbius – which was completely unknown to me back then. I went for the two listed companies. However, I quickly forgot these companies, but the enthusiasm and passion of Möbius remained with me. Business consulting, profoundly different, experiencing full growth with four clear values, I simply had to know more about this! So I started to follow Möbius online.

Möbius was also present a few weeks later at the VEK Career Day. I plucked up courage to ask them if there were any internships on offer. The positive answer and the constructive conversation which followed further prompted my curiosity to experience Möbius. The same evening, I entered and submitted the online application form. After a few e-mails, conversations and training, the day arrived, 28 September 2015 – the first day of my Möbius internship!

A Möbius internship is (fortunately) not an operational traineeship, with a number of set tasks to be carried out every week. Instead, I was allocated my own project: “How do companies in Flanders proceed with personnel planning?”
After an introductory conference in the Netherlands, I quickly realised that this promised to be a complex but extremely interesting internship. Great, just what I needed, a new challenge!

As a Möbius intern, I was not treated as a rookie, but as a valuable staff member. Conversely, this meant that people expected professional input from me. This meant a certain level of autonomy, flexibility and knowledge was expected. You determine your own work schedule, but the results must be delivered promptly and be of a high quality.
Autonomy is not simply less supervision, I was expertly trained by my intern mentor. In addition, I reported my progress every three weeks to an internal supervisory group. Here I also received very useful feedback to my ideas and results during this internship.

The period of most learning was in the second part of the internship. In this phase we implemented a quick scan at seven external companies in conjunction with their workforce management. This allowed me to test my theoretical knowledge with the actual situation, in a real life business environment.
A creative, analytical and critical approach was expected during the preparation, implementation and evaluation of this quick scan. On the basis of this quick scan a few opportunities for improvement were then provided as feedback in the form of a written report.

Now 11 weeks later, at the end of my internship at Möbius, I can look back with satisfaction on a great learning period, in a challenging environment. Indeed, business consulting, profoundly different. Primarily, the profound aspect has become clearer, and I have noticed that there are many experts active within Möbius.
The enthusiasm and the passion which have stayed with me with from the first introduction are also very visible in the other colleagues. This very positive vibe is also infectious, I noticed this again and again when people asked me about how my internship went. These were 11 challenging weeks where I learnt a wealth of things in a short period of time.

Möbius, many thanks for this exciting internship adventure!

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