The challenge of a Lean implementation in a greenfield retail plant  

Ferdi van Ginkel (Jumbo) and Leon van der Loo (Möbius) explained how Jumbo Production Systems (JPS) was implemented in Jumbo’s new fully automated Distribution Center in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands during the latest Process Improvement & Operational Excellence Summit in Amsterdam (6-8 April 2022). 

Leon van der Loo

Thesuccess of this Lean journey lies in combining 5 elements

  • Training & inspiration: of Management, Staff and all other employees 
  • Tooling: especially the start with a fully cascaded Performance Management structure, combined with Process Confirmation was key 
  • Branding & Visual Management: very strong JPS branding was applied in all places in the plant 
  • Coaching: an internal and external coaching program made sure that the design of JPS was properly translated in the organization, and made sure that the program did not slowdown in time 
  • Cultural Change: all elements of the JPS house have been implemented in line with the Jumbo values and agreed behaviors. 

The interactive presentation also highlighted do’s & don’ts from the audience through an intense discussion.

Please get in touch with us to discover more about how Möbius designs and implements LEAN in organizations in a sustainable manner!

Leon van der Loo (Möbius) and Ferdi van Ginkel (Jumbo)