Where the book ‘Reinventing Organizations’ ends..

Kim Oostvogels

Tuesday 18 August. 12 Möbius experts from a number of sectors and different fields of expertise gather at the Vlerick Campus in Ghent. The common link is that they have all read “Reinventing Organizations”, the book by the Belgian author Frederic Laloux that has inspired people all around the globe to take a new look at organising. The common link is the growing realisation that the way traditional organisations are structured will not be appropriate in the future. The common link is a deep-seated passion and ambition to get started where the book ends: by looking more deeply at the key concepts and designing appropriate services for our customers.

1 minute’s silence. A wink here and there. A participant starts squirming uneasily on her chair. Stand still a moment to then go more quickly. The brainstorming day is carefully interspersed with next practices, best practices, all connected to new ways of working. Ways of working which are increasingly coming on board in today’s business and organisational thinking.

After discussing the most meaningful insights in the book it’s all crystal clear. Energy levels in the group are sky high. The desire to get started unstoppable. The follow-up to the day is to be done individually and based on principles from open space technology. Two important basic rules apply:

  • The market place: every participant works on those topics to which he or she wants and is able to contribute.
  • The law of the 2 feet: everyone has 2 feet and takes their responsibility to use them if it’s felt he or she is not contributing or learning anything from the discussions on the topic in question.

We work intensively on providing a service, new organisational structures, networks, sectors, competences, independence, leadership, strategy and meaning. During the breaks you can hear the team’s favourite hits through the speakers. Participants sent their favourite hit through during the preparations for the day. The music helps us to get to know each other better. Who sent in Regina Spektor, James Hersey, Led Zeppelin or Muse as their favourite? Have you already seen them play live? That classical piece is quite something? Are you a musician yourself? During the tea break a few participants show off their culinary talents. A brownie, a macaroon, a piece of cake with a unique flavour. The relational network just keeps getting stronger.

We end the day by presenting the results and deciding together on the next steps. The passion and ambition present at the start of the brainstorming session has done nothing but grow. After a round of appreciation for the intensive work, the collaboration and the enthusiasm we sound the signal to kick off implementation of the action plan.

Interested to know how far we’ve got? Wondering whether it’s time for some thorough renovation in your own organisation? Are you sometimes frustrated by the nonsense of ongoing management practice? Do you wonder how you can apply all these new elements within the context of your organisation? Would you like to contribute to creating a professional context far from the burn-outs, absenteeism and presenteeism and aimed at results, enthusiasm and resilience? Have you realised that things can and must be changed?

We are really eager to stand by you in (re)discovering the drive within your organisation. Looking for some fresh air in your organisation, then get connected right now!

Thanks for reading

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