Working at Möbius: radically different.. each and every day

The 4 Möbius values 'Shoulder to Shoulder, Perseverance, Touchdown and Guts' are truly written in the DNA of every colleague.
Eline Maes

I began working as a Business Consultant at Möbius exactly six months ago. The perfect time for a look back, in other words…

I still remember it well. What I found most odd in the beginning was that I immediately had the feeling that I had been working there for years. I also felt that the company was the perfect fit for me from day one, from the neat and tidy kitchen to how people interact.

It wasn’t even a major change to suddenly not have my own desk or team. After all, this gave me the opportunity to choose my own work station according to my mood and to work with different people each time, letting me get to know people very quickly and learn new skills.

I was really impressed with the enthusiasm and drive of my new colleagues, individuals full of passion and talent each and every one of them, who consider every new assignment – as difficult as it sometimes is – to be a fascinating challenge… It became clear to me that the four Möbius values – Shoulder to Shoulder, Perseverance, Touchdown and Guts– are far from empty concepts, but are truly written in the DNA of every colleague.

Naturally, I wanted to find out as soon as possible what it is that we at Möbius have to offer. I was bombarded with notions like strategy, innovation, process optimisation, organisational structure, workload measurement, supply chain management, operational excellence, social capital and service excellence,… Luckily, I could take part in all kinds of training workshops to clarify these themes and we regularly organise lunch sessions at Möbius to talk about these topics.

I quickly learned how we approach projects, even more so since, at Möbius, we do exactly what we tell our clients to do. Focusing on social capital, respecting employees, creating involvement, working with self-managing teams, flexible working, operational excellence, lean, 5S,… these are only a few examples of concepts that we apply at Möbius each and every day.

Of course, naturally the fun factor is also definitely there at Möbius. I had only just begun when my new colleagues and I participated in the Sfinx Ekiden in Ghent. During the afternoon, a number of us also take a brisk walk in the Latem woods (thank goodness there are showers available at work!). And during the legendary Möbius adventure weekend, I found myself, among other things, immersed in the traditions of the Möbians, such as acting/impersonating, quizzing, feasting, partying,… and then getting up early the next morning for a sports activity… It was a weekend organised down to the very last detail that once again illustrated the drive of the Möbians.

During my first weeks at work, I was often asked by friends and former colleagues how things were going at Möbius. After a while, I ended up saying more or less the same thing each time. I’ve looked it up in my mobile phone: “My first few weeks were very intense, but fantastic! The atmosphere is really great: a nice modern building with flex desks, super friendly, helpful and intelligent colleagues, a culture aimed at people’s strengths, helping and encouraging each other, stimulating creativity and ideas, innovation,… I can take part in all kinds of events and get lots of extra training, but am also immediately involved in client visits, proposals and projects. In terms of content, the work is very broad and fascinating and a fabulous challenge!”

Did much change during those first six months? Not really… Möbius is still a fantastic place to work and every day is new and different.

In my role with co-responsibility for the Services sector alone, I have a whole spectrum of tasks. Together with our team, we sound out the market to determine what kind of added value we can offer and where we can have the greatest impact. I’m given the opportunity to develop offers together with colleagues, attend events to stay up-to-date on trends and fine-tune our range of services, collaborate in marketing the sector (preparing newsletters, writing blogs, organising an event, expanding partnerships) and so on and so forth…

Every project is completely different since, at Möbius, we only offer custom solutions to our clients. Since I was given the opportunity to take part in the proposal team, a team that is engaged in developing offers at Möbius, I was exposed to all kinds of different types of projects. This is a genuine challenge, but also a tremendous learning experience that gives me excellent insight into the diversity of projects at Möbius.

So it’s not surprising that, since I started working at Möbius, I have a hard time explaining to friends and family what it is exactly that I do… That’s because, as a Business Consultant and sector leader at Möbius, my range of duties is so diverse that, to be honest, I’m not always sure of myself what it is that I do. One thing is for certain, however: there is little chance of boredom any time soon!

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