Your mind controls your behavior

Coach yourself. Transform your negative thoughts into positive thoughts to change your behavior.

A while ago I got the idea of heaving a ‘healthy month’. I wanted to eat more healthy (very strictly, no unhealthy sugars or fats, only fresh products, etc.) and increase my physical activity to improve my health. And honestly, loosing some extra weight was a big plus as well!

I received a lot of signs that proved this would be a good thing to do. My osteopath told me it would reduce the infections I am suffering from time to time. My French teacher inspired me by talking about the benefits of her healthy lifestyle. People in my environment told me my physical condition would improve. I would be less tired, have more energy, be less sensitive for illnesses, and so on.

A lot of positive incentives, but somehow I didn’t manage to really do it. Everytime I thought about starting my healthy month, I seemed to find an excuse; it’s not the right timing, I don’t have the energy to start right now, I will be missing a lot of good things, I don’t want to disappoint people when they will offer me something I can’t eat according to my new healthy rules, it’s going to be so hard, etc.

On top of that, I also had a lot of doubts: is it really necessary? Am I capable of doing it? Does it make sense knowing I possibly won’t continue it afterwards?

After a couple of months not taking any action, I realized it was a much more difficult challenge than I initially thought it would be. In my job I work on change projects every day, but apparently it was very hard to make “small” change for my own life. I truly got confused.

At that moment I was following a coaching training and it gave me an insight which helped me to understand the problem I was facing: ‘Your mind can really change your behavior’. When I reflected on that, I realized that was exactly the problem I was dealing with! Every time I started thinking about starting the healthy month, negative and doubtful thoughts stood in my way and made me not taking this healthy step forward! That insight gave me the guts to decide to really (really!) go for it! And from that moment on, I managed to control my behavior with positive thoughts that help me to reach my goal. So on that day (please note) I started my healthy month.

It’s actually funny once you’re aware of it. Every time a negative thought crosses my mind (such as ‘It is so hard, is it really worth it’), I start fighting it, (as in ‘no no, you’re not going to stop me’) and I transform it into a positive thought (‘I will improve my well-being, it will work, I can do it!’) so I can reach my goal instead!

And yes, at the end of the month, I could look back at a great period. I managed to overcome every obstacle on my way and I did reach my goal. I felt the benefits of a more healthy lifestyle and I even continued parts of it afterwards.

So if you want to make a real change for yourself, know that your thoughts can control your behavior. Transforming your negative thoughts into positive thoughts can really help you to reach your goal and to change your behavior.

Are you aware of the fact that your mind controls your behavior? Do you want to find out how you can use positive thoughts as a leverage for sustainable change? Feel free to contact me! And discover the real power of individual coaching for yourself and your organization.

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