From supplier to partner in today’s care process

To respond better to real requirements in the future, a pharmaceutical company and a company active in medical technology, wanted to gain insight in what is currently missing in their offerings.
Sofie De Coninck

Strategic challenge

A pharmaceutical company and a company active in medical technology, both operating in Belgium, want to improve their services so that they can respond better to the needs and requirements of their customers, specifically hospitals and laboratories.

Based on a qualitative survey among the various target groups on which these companies focus, the objective of these companies was to obtain insight into those elements in their services that are currently missing or are experienced as frustrating. In this manner, these companies want to further develop their aim to respond better to real requirements in the future and to evolve from a ‘supplier’ for hospitals and laboratories to a broader partner in today’s care process.


Designing a qualitative interview guide per target group

Together with Möbius, the companies identified which insights the customer survey needed to generate. This resulted in an overview of possible themes and an interview guide with a number of supporting questions to take a closer look at the themes. Areas of focus of this interview guide included:

  • aspects which current or potential future clients consider important today,
  • interviewee satisfaction with regard to pharmaceutical companies, or companies that supply medical IT technology or solutions,
  • the vision of the interviewees on market trends and the corresponding impact.

Based on this, in-depth interviews were held with various target groups. To identify interested parties, we contacted customers and also made use of Möbius’ network. For the pharmaceutical company, we interviewed hospital managers, oncologists, neurologists, pharmacists, and patients. For the company active in medical technology, we involved IT managers and laboratory managers.

Drawing up an insightful report

A summary report was drawn up of each qualitative interview, with the aim of providing the companies with an exhaustive overview of the topics discussed during the interviews. Based on this, an insightful report was also made containing an overview of the main conclusions from all the interviews. Issues spotlighted here included:

  • the perception of pharmaceutical companies or companies active in medical technology, and the positive and negative factors that determine this,
  • an overview of named pharmaceutical companies or companies active in medical technology and how each of these is evaluated,
  • a comparison between the importance of a service on-site versus a remote service when problems occur.

In addition to this, and based on Möbius’ Healthcare expertise, a framework was created within which the information from these interviews was further related to the primary current and future developments in the care sector landscape.


Based on this study, our clients have been able to determine their focus points for the future, enabling them to better fulfill customer requirements where possible.

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