Towards a culture of continuous improvement
Jonathan Aelterman

Working on a customer-oriented organization is working on a culture of people serving the customer as they would wish to be served themselves. Building a process-efficient organization is also creating a culture of people who think along about the way in which they can do their job better every day. Job-happy employees and satisfied customers go hand in hand. The structured approach of Möbius ensures that working on process optimization becomes part of the culture of an organization.

Frank Decorte, Director

Strategic challenge

ADMB found out they suffered from an insufficient maturity related to business process management in the organization. Only a limited number of processes had already been documented. The processes were not measured nor sufficiently questioned regarding to efficiency and effectiveness and risk analysis was only performed to a limited extent. In 2016 they wished to improve this with the support of an external party.

Gradually the internal knowledge was expanded and people became more and more convinced that not only the central team of process coaches has the responsibility to improve, but that this responsibility lies with every employee. For this reason, various initiatives were started in 2017 to stimulate the behavior and culture of improvement for every employee and every manager in the office network of the Payroll and HR service provider.


First, Möbius evaluated the current process maturity and, together with ADMB, determined methodologies and tools to take this to a higher level. A team was set up and trained to facilitate process optimization processes, first as an observer during pilot projects, then as a full-fledged facilitator who was further coached by a Möbius expert. During these initial projects, the emphasis was always on both the qualitative and the quantitative aspect of Lean Six Sigma: the customer and his expectations are always put central.

On the other hand, Möbius helped to introduce a culture of continuous improvement in the offices of ADMB Sociaal Bureau. Two zones were designated as pilot zones. In these zones, a quick scan was performed by means of interviews and gemba walks to map the specific needs of the organization. Then, while the leaders of the pilot zones went through a “Lean Leadership” process, Möbius brought together a core group consisting of staff from the offices of these zones every two weeks. During these meetings Möbius taught the members of the core group a number of relevant “Lean techniques”, chosen to meet the specific needs of the organization. Each of these techniques was tested in at least one of the offices under guidance and coaching of Möbius.

In 2018 ADMB wants to invest further and the entire management of the Payroll services will be immersed in the Lean bath. Furthermore, tools and techniques will be expanded and deepened in the office network.


The team that has been assembled in 2016, is still successfully completing process optimization processes in a professional and structured way. They have gained the necessary knowledge and experience and always come up with ambitious results from the workshops. This creates the necessary dynamism and enthusiasm among their colleagues in the office network and by extension the entire organization.

The employees and managers within the pilot zones have implemented various techniques, such as a performance board, an improvement board, the A3 methodology and personal work organization. This resulted, among other things, in a better understanding of their own objectives and the objectives of the organization, a reduction in the number of outstanding e-mails, more structure and thus also more peace and quiet during the execution of the tasks etc. The employees now understand their role in continuously improvement and their task as Lean ambassador in the organization.

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