‘Getting better together’

With the five-year plan ‘Samen beter worden 2016-2020’, AZ Sint-Blasius wants to take its focus on innovation, quality and improvement to the next level. 
Thomas Haspeslagh

The cooperation with Möbius ensures that, after achieving the JCI accreditation, we continue to keep a sharp focus on Continuous Responsible Improvement. We stay motivated thanks to their independent and innovating expertise.

Brenda Droesbeke, Manager Quality & Process Improvement
AZ Sint-Blasius

Strategic challenge

The AZ Sint-Blasius has distinguished itself for years by its continuous aim for innovation, quality and improvement. In 2015 the hospital was awarded the Joint Commission International accreditation.  With the new 5-year plan ‘Samen beter worden 2016-2020’, the hospital wants to take this focus and dynamic to the next level.  After drawing up the first version of the plan ‘Samen beter worden’, the hospital looked for a suitable partner to develop this plan further and to introduce it in the various departments.


Based on Hoshin Kanri policy planning, in various workshops the objectives of the hospital were adjusted and translated step-by-step into concrete improvement objectives at service level. The 5 Blasius values form here a reference point for decision making. These 5 values were effectively translated into desirable behaviour so that they can also be used as a basis by managers and board members. The various workshops on policy planning followed a concrete strategy with four programmes. Via the programme ‘Well organised hospital’ all the departments are involved in Continuous Responsible Improvement. Möbius not only supervised the various workshops for board members and management, but also coaches the internal employees to promote and facilitate this Continuous Responsible Improvement culture.


The plan ‘Samen beter worden’ (Getting Better Together) was developed further

Objectives for 2020:

  • There is a culture of Continuous Responsible Improvement
  • Each employee knows his/her contribution to the strategy
  • Employees can use improvement techniques with the aim of making a maximum contribution to achieving hospital objectives
  • Employees can focus on tasks and processes with added value for the patient

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