Strategy right down to every fibre in the organization

Sint-Rembert Hospital wanted to review its long-term strategy, make clear choices and see these translated to the workplace.
Peter Willen

Möbius keeps us right on track during this transition project, allowing us to reach our goals in time!

Inge Luts, Director of patient care
AZ Sint-Rembert

Strategic challenge

Patients pay more attention to patient care and want to be treated like the patient. Together with Möbius, Sint-Rembert Hospital wanted to review its long-term strategy, make clear choices and see these translated to the workplace.

The main challenge within strategising lies in:

  • Making clear choices, formulating them concisely and then letting them penetrate right down to every fibre in the organisation.
  • Allowing the organisation to evolve permanently and sustainably, in line with the chosen direction. Every member of staff has two jobs: to get the daily work done and to continuously improve their own work in line with the strategy.


Formulating an ambitious vision, an authentic mission and deeply rooted values

Strategising begins with formulating the raison d’être of the organisation (mission), plotting the vision (where do we want to be in 5 years’ time?) and setting out the values (the internal compass which everyone within the organisation uses to guide their behavior). Möbius gathered input from the entire organisation and, together with the management, turned this information into a triangular cornerstone for strategy (mission, vision, values).

Identifying a clear strategic positioning

Every organisation, including healthcare institutions, aims for a unique positioning: so that they can differentiate themselves from the competition, on the one hand; to make it clear to the patient what the organisation stands for, on the other hand. Together with Sint-Rembert Hospital, Möbius identified the hospital’s strategic positioning in terms of its medical portfolio and strategic objectives.

Anchor the strategy right down to every fibre in the organisation

Möbius goes right through to the finish line. After taking the information out of the organisation to form the strategy, it was reintroduced into Sint-Rembert Hospital,right down to the workplace. Concrete operational objectives help to define hospital initiatives; strategy is also translated into a plan for both medical and non-medical services (policy planning). Success factor number one in this course of action is thorough and well-considered communication.

Press on for sustainable change

Strategy implementation is one thing; getting it to penetrate in the long term is something else. Following up on objectives and operations, making progress visible and celebrating the successes are only a few of the instruments required to embed change in the organisation.


A collaboration with Möbius led to the following concrete results:

  • A unique and concrete positioning within the hospital landscape based on a mission, vision, values and strategic positioning.
  • Strategic objectives translated into specific operational objectives.
  • Mix of projects at a hospital-wide level and policy plans at department level – translated into concrete, measurable changes in the workplace.
  • A supported strategy implementation via a well-defined communication plan.

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