Recycling can be trendy too

Based on a clear vision and mission the kick-off was given for Bebat 2.0.
Peter Vanderschaeghe

Without Möbius we would not have been able to do this in a digestible way. The Möbius employees are top players without illusions of grandeur who for the duration of a project work at Bebat, with and among the employees.

Peter Coonen, Managing Director

Strategic challenge

Bebat gives used batteries and torches a new life by collecting, sorting and recycling them.

The federal government and the regional authorities work together closely with Bebat. They are looking over its shoulder and, of course, legislation provides an extra dimension in the recycling sector.

The main challenges at Bebat were

  • Optimise the organization within the framework of a new environmental policy agreement with the government and with regards to user and stakeholder expectations.
  • Modify organizational aspects such as determining environmental contribution, accounts, logistical structure, etc., to increase collection and improve reporting to users and government.


Based on a clear vision and mission the kick-off was given for Bebat 2.0. Over the last 3 years Bebat has been transformed into a dynamic forward-looking organization with a positive image and one of the best collecting and recycling results in the world.

The employees were supported internally with the implementation of these drastic changes. Major changes were divided up into small, plannable projects so that results could be achieved quickly. These could then be built on further and goodwill and involvement were created among the employees.

Specific projects were also set up to achieve further growth as an organization. Models were defined to determine the environmental contribution, logistical flows were reviewed in accordance with environment and cost and all the available data were collected in a central data warehouse in order to deliver the necessary data to authorities and users.


Bebat is now looking forward to the future with confidence and can respond swiftly to statutory changes. Internally everyone is now fully behind the ‘change’. It provides completely new dynamics and the employees can really see the added value of this ‘change’ project.

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