Implementing a continuous improvement process in the operating wing

In order to achieve its strategic challenges, the hospital center CHR La Citadelle wants to implement a continuous improvement process in the institution.
Nicolas Claus

Strategic challenge

The aim of the strategic pillar Win3 at the regional hospital centre CHR La Citadelle is to implement a continuous improvement process in the institution. To achieve this goal, Möbius promoted and guided the process in the operating wings at the Citadelle and Sainte-Rosalie sites, with the assistance of in-house ambassadors who had been previously trained by Möbius. This project combines different focuses with a view to achieving operational excellence, namely organisational culture, strategy and improvement tools.


First of all, we assessed the current operations through an analysis of existing documents, but mainly through interviews of key players, site visits and comparisons with best practices in other operating wings.

Work groups were set up to boost the participation rate among the staff at the operating wings, for all the internal key fields: governance/planning, organisation/processes, administration/IT and collaboration with support services.

The hospital management was introduced to the principles of Shingo, a model that tends to strengthen the improvement culture based on the behaviour of stakeholders at all levels.

The vision of the operating wing was defined, as well as its strategic and operational goals, so as to give it a concrete strategic outlook.


The following benchmarks were implemented to promote continuous improvements:

  • A comparison, backed by figures, of the operating wing’s operations, with eight other hospitals
  • A realistic and detailed implementation plan including the identification and prioritisation of improvement measures (e.g. an analysis of the occupation rate and the introduction of a recurring modification of the operation timeslots, the transfer of timeslots and activities between different sites etc.), the implementation of quick win and the appointment of the different actors and definition of their responsibilities
  • Set-up of a governance structure to follow and manage the improvement measures launched
  • Gemba walks and improvement table in the wing
  • Courses on lean tools by the internal ambassadors
  • Definition of the strategic and operational objectives for the wing, as well as the KPIs to measure them

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