Common language through a standard process map with clear KPI’s

Design and implementation of an end-to-end standardized process metamodel
Sofie De Coninck

Based on our beliefs and experience, Colruyt Group is deeply involved in process-based entrepreneurship. Nevertheless, Möbius succeeds in running ahead and continuing to challenge us!

Ruben Missine, Department Business Analytics & Insights
Colruyt Group

Strategic challenge

Colruyt Group wanted to develop and implement a metamodel in which processes are modelled end-to-end and standardized on groups level. The following challenges were defined:

  • Align the different techniques that are used today to model processes by diminishing overlaps and searching for synergies
  • Define a few rules for the levelling and demarcating of processes
  • Model all end-to-end processes, starting with a pilot process


Defining the metamodel

By means of desk research and preparatory meetings the current situation was mapped out and the work from previous assignments summarized. Then, based on interactive meetings with different internal stakeholders a process methodology and groupwide process model were defined.

Anchoring the methodology within the organization

Since Colruyt Group has a lot of employees working on different locations, the developed methodology was thoroughly documented with, for example, the formatting of training materials. In addition, Möbius provided support in setting up and training a team of process experts and coaching the management board to ensure broad support.

Capturing each individual process

For each end-to-end process Möbius set up a participation program with experts from the various commerces (Spar, Colruyt Lowest Price, Dreamland, BioPlanet,…). Together with these experts, five workshops were carried out for each process with the aim to develop a supported and validated structure that is applicable for all different commerces. Möbius played a facilitating role in this together with the team of process experts.


The collaboration with Möbius has led to the following concrete results:

  • A common language within the organization to talk about the different processes
  • A more targeted knowledge transfer between the different organizations
  • A natural tilting of the organization to think more end-to-end
  • A first insight for each process into possible Key Performance Indicators


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