Creating value for the customer by a Supply Chain Academy

Colruyt Group was looking for ways to ensure that their supply chain keeps creating value for the customer.
Luc Baetens

How do we as a retailer ensure our supply chain keeps creating value for the customer? This requires several ways of cooperating. These days for example, one must think along with the supplier to anticipate together to the changing needs of the consumer.

André Ceron, Director Logistics Non-Food
Colruyt Group

Strategic challenge

  • Maintaining a grip on the complexity of the logistic flows in the quickly evolving retail market.
  • Involving the client in the organization even more, become more client-driven.
  • Think along with the supplier, see the supplier as a part of the client-driven retail supply chain.
  • Combine operational excellence with the development of strategic skills with a broader layer of staff.


  • Composition of a project team with broad experience in procurement, logistics and sales, and represented by the various brands (Colruyt laagste prijzen, Dreamland, Spar).
  • Together with the project team, listing of the main points of attention and grouping then into 6 training modules.
  • Tailor the associated cases and training material to Colruyt together with the relevant external and internal experts in co-design.
  • Select a pilot group for the 1st edition with representation from sales, logistics and sales of the various brands.
  • ‘Embed’ the Supply Chain Academy within the Colruyt Group Academy.
  • Organizing an annual education cycle to further develop the end-to-end supply chain thinking inside the Colruyt group step by step.
  • Organizing an ‘Inspiration session’ to keep the focus and as a networking opportunity for the supply chain experts


  • Increasing focus on ‘thinking from the chain’ instead of thinking from the ‘department’ via a first group of participants.
  • A clear interest with a broad group from middle and upper management of all departments to sharpen their supply chain knowledge.
  • Apart from ‘broadening’ there is also ‘deepening’ of knowledge with the ‘functional experts’ using a separate ‘expert academy’.
  • Development of an internal network of supply chain experts.
  • Better understanding of what type supply chain knowledge is present where in the organization and a better dissemination.
  • Colruyt is now better capable of anticipating changing market situations in order to remain effective.

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