Developing the perfect ‘journey companion’

ADMB, Zenito and Provikmo joined forces to form a new organization called Liantis. The new organization was created as a one-stop-shop for all customers, and with a fresh take on customer journey engagement and understanding.
Jonathan Aelterman

ADMB, Zenito and Provikmo joined forces to form a new organization called Liantis (go to website). It was created as a one-stop-shop for all customers – from contractor to accountant, from hospital director to machine operator. With a fresh take on customer journey engagement and understanding.

Compagnon de route

Liantis wants to be a journey companion that always thinks ahead of its customers, pro-actively giving the right advice and providing suitable solutions.

“As a company we want to be a ‘compagnon de route’ for our customers. It’s our ambition to truly connect with customers and provide the right solutions at the right time”.– Nicolas Maes, Marketing Director Liantis

This means that each employee must understand the strategic challenges of their customers and support them with specific services.

It’s a great and promising concept, but it requires a specific set of skills to develop. That’s why Liantis asked Möbius to support them in defining customer journeys and developing a solution catalog.

From pusher to spotter

We started with defining a project team, consisting of experts from different business units. After presenting our vision, we identified buyer persona’s and customer life cycles for businesses, freelancers and employees.

For each strategic challenge within these life cycles, a customer journey was defined representing customer steps, needs, satisfaction and the appropriate solutions from all units in the organization. These results were consolidated in a solution catalog.

“We want to understand our customers, follow their journey and grasp their challenges and frustrations. Together with Möbius we were able to map out these customer journeys and generate all the right information”.– Nicolas Maes, Marketing Director Liantis

Afterwards, service blueprints were drafted to translate customer requirements into operational processes. Finally, a plan was created to communicate our results to the employee and change his mindset from reactive product pusher to proactive solution spotter.

Understanding and dedication

The new story of Liantis is completely focused on understanding its customer along the customer journey. The customer journeys and service blueprints enable employees to proactively provide packed solutions as one company across different business units.

“Möbius not only helped us with the necessary structures, but also served as a customer focused gatekeeper. To make sure the customer always comes first”. – Nicolas Maes, Marketing Director Liantis

Liantis is very dedicated to its new service and even appointed a CX (Customer Experience) designer, making sure everyone always maintains the best service quality.

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