Employee experience at Proximus

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Proximus has the ambition to create an employee experience that matters, in terms of future skills, giving them confidence in change, creating a stimulating work environment and being a smart organization. Proximus wants to reveal the full potential of its employees based on a belief that the talents of its people are the heart of a company.

Eline Van den Eeckhaut
Eline Van den Eeckhaut

Thanks to the really nice collaboration with the teams of Möbius, we made a step change towards a best-in-class employee experience. By putting our employees in the center of our processes we managed to optimize our HR service, delivering a real added value for our employees and for the company. Their ‘pragmatic’ approach and way of working were appreciated by all the stakeholders, making this project a real success. A real success and on top of that motivated us to continue this never finished challenge.

Morgane De Montlivault – Executive Advisor to the CHRO

Project objectives

To do this, the Proximus HR department wants to make sure they provide the best possible service for their internal customers, the Proximus employees by

  • Capturing the needs of the different employee groups and making sure they are translated into user-friendly and frictionless services and processes.
  • Embedding this “employee experience” methodology in the HR way of working.


To start the project, Möbius has mapped the employee lifecycle, starting from being attracted to the company, being selected and onboarded, to coaching and support during life and professional events, learning and growing… and eventually leaving the company.

We have prioritized these steps in the lifecycle by considering the current performance, strategic decisions, the impact that can be made (basic expectation, satisfier or delighter).

After selecting the priority employee lifetime stages, we iteratively started working in sprint mode. We defined the scope of the process we want to tackle, specifying certain profiles and activities we want to include.

We combined qualitative and quantitative techniques as well as interactive workshops and brainstorming sessions with a committed Proximus project team to get a profound understanding of the current situation & determine the desired future direction.

During the process we paid special attention to different profiles or segments within the organization: operational roles vs. knowledge workers, Because the experiences and expectations can surely vary across segments of employees.



Ultimately, we conclude each sprint with a detailed implementation plan of improvement actions, that is supported by both HR management and a mixed group of employees. By implementing this plan, Proximus aims to lift the employee experience to a higher level for all employees.