Concept study of logistics partnership

In addition to cooperation in the areas of purchasing and a number of support processes, Hospilim also wanted to explore the potential of a logistical partnership.
Peter Willen

Scale partnership creates leverage for a new healthcare-logistics platform.

Benny Stevens, Manager

Strategic challenge

Hospilim is a regional partnership between eleven Limburg-based healthcare institutions (general hospitals and psychiatric hospitals). In addition to cooperation in the areas of purchasing and a joint approach to a number of support processes, the NPO also wanted to explore the potential of a logistical partnership.

To gain better insight into the feasibility and practical implications of such a partnership, Hospilim commissioned Möbius to carry out a concept study.


This feasibility study consisted of four phases:

Preliminary exploration

This phase involved mapping the expectations of the participants through interviews and an online questionnaire, and defining various product flows.

From longlist to shortlist

During this phase, various scenarios were formulated based on logistics principles. After a qualitative analysis (SWOT and objective parameters), a number of scenarios were shortlisted for further consideration.

Quantifying the shortlist

This phase involved preparing a logistics decision model. Logistics components and parameters were integrated in the model. The information required as input for the model was collected from various sources, including pilot hospitals.


The shortlisted scenarios were compared with one another using the decision model. A sensitivity analysis provided insight into the cost impact of the various parameters.


Collaboration with Möbius has led to the following concrete results:

  • Quantitative substantiation: the logistics decision model allows decision-making based on enhanced knowledge rather than just qualitative parameters. The sensitivity analysis makes it possible to measure the impact of various changes.
  • Logistics expertise: Möbius’ expertise in logistics was of great added value, especially when it came to drafting the various scenarios.
  • Feasible implementation path: involving the various general directors at an early stage has led to the proposal of a feasible concept.
  • Innovative concept: this concept for a healthcare-logistics platform gives the benefits of an integrated logistics system a chance, and allows the individual hospitals to further build on and enhance this system at group level.

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