How Oscar, the RPA robot, is helping Liantis Risk Solutions

Möbius assisted Liantis Risk Solutions setting its first steps in Robotic Process Automation by identifying and implementing a pilot that would automate the full process of invoice settlements.
Gert Billen
Gert Billen

The cooperation with Möbius was very pleasant and allowed us to learn a lot about the future of work. The project delivered substantial time savings which were used to focus on client-facing advice, the things that really matter!

Philippe LIson
Director Liantis Risk Solutions

Strategic challenge 

Liantis Risk Solutions assists its clients in finding insurance products that fit their needs. To better meet customer demand, Liantis was looking for back-office efficiency opportunities that would free up time so front-line employee can focus more on value-added customer contact. Here Robotic Process Automation (RPA) came into place.


During process workshops with the Liantis team to further streamline internal operations, Möbius discovered RPA opportunities for well-defined tasks. Based on these preliminary insights, the following actions were taken:

  • Möbius calculated the business case looking beyond cost reduction impact that could be realized by implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for two processes.
  • Together with Liantis, the pilot project was selected after which Möbius developed the short-term implementation plan and selected the required resources.
  • Next, Möbius performed the following activities during execution:
    • A detailed process analysis of the RPA process and documentation
    • Project management and reporting including alignment meetings with Liantis IT, business owners and RPA developers.
    • Documentation of the TO BE process flow including instructions for exception handling.

Results RPA

Over a period of two months, the virtual employee “Oscar” was set-up, resulting in

  • A fully automated process of invoice scanning, content recognition, identification, storage and assignment in the client system.
  • Automatic processing of the stored document: amounts calculation, invoice creation, booking, payment (if needed) and send-out of document via mail.

This automation resulted in:

  • Elimination of frustrating, highly repetitive and brainless work
  • Time freed-up of employees to focus on more value-added client-facing tasks
  • Elimination of peak activity that caused stress to workforce and backlog in other tasks
  • Enthusiastic employees open to other RPA initiatives

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