Implementation of an integrated and predictive Supply Chain to support a new business model


Engie is the leading supplier of natural gas and green electricity in France, but also the largest supplier of installation services, maintenance and repair of gas heating and cooling appliances. The company aims to be the leader in the transition to zero carbon energy as a service and green comfort at home, to contribute more and more to harmonious progress every day.

To achieve this goal, Engie Business-to-consumer is committed to providing a Best in Class customer experience by repairing the first time and delivering on the customer promise. This requires an appropriate Supply Chain that allows to better anticipate the stocks of the 230 branches and the 3,300 technician vehicles and to better inform the customer at any time during the customer journey.

At the same time, the company is strengthening its purchasing strategy on innovative heating offers. The new strategy requires a Supply Chain capable of supporting the purchasing strategy at a national level and the sales and marketing initiatives to develop the market.

Luc Baetens

By providing support all along the way, Möbius has enabled our teams to gradually increase their skills and professionalize our processes in a sustainable way.

Stéphane MOILLIC – Supply Chain Director B2C


Design and preparation

Möbius supported the project team in the general definition of the processes and their detailed elaboration. These processes helped to establish the internal organization of the new department and to clarify the interactions between the Supply Chain and other company functions, such as purchasing, marketing or field teams. Based on the detailed processes, Möbius also helped the project team to assess the human resources requirements for the three Supply Chain functions.

Prior to the implementation, Möbius supported the project team in the training of all stakeholders and in the communication of the new operating procedures.

Implementation support

During the start-up, Möbius assisted the project team in defining the stock level to be implemented at the new national platform. Using a customized model, the team was able to propose different options to the management and simulate the consequences for the target stock value and the evolution of the stock over time.

Möbius also supported the project team in defining the functional requirements for the new forecasting and replenishment planning tools. Acting as an interface between the users, the software publisher and the internal IT department, the consultants helped to clarify the requirements, monitor the progress of the development and check that the result met expectations.

The consultants finally took charge of project management throughout the implementation.

Team coaching

After the launch, Möbius set up a personalized coaching program for the new head of demand management. Through a combined training-coaching formula, this approach provided concrete answers to the questions that arose as the new position became more and more important within the company.


The project enabled the establishment of the processes, organization, and tools necessary for the proper functioning of the new Supply Chain within Engie Home Services. The Supply Chain currently manages 300 references centrally and 3,000 references for 170 branches. It ensures a service level of 95.6% to the agencies, allowing them to improve their service to consumers.

The new Supply Chain has enabled the implementation of a centralized purchasing strategy, a 15% reduction in transport costs and a 10% reduction in inventory.