Improving customer & employee experience via smart dashboards

A large European client in energy & utilities that recently underwent a merger had to find ways to manage their increased workforce. To realize this, we worked together in setting up an approach to gather feedback from employees and customers in order to link and improve both employee and customer experience. Möbius conducted a pilot project which consisted of setting up Experience dashboards for three specific services.
Dorothée Laire

Gathering customer and employee feedback on a specific process helped us to focus on those improvements that mattered most to our customers and employees. It was stunning to see how helpful these insights were and how excited the employees were to work on process improvements.

Head of Process Improvement
A large European player in energy & utilities

We started off by mapping out the employee and customer journeys for the selected services:

  1. A customer reports a malfunction (power cut)
  2. A customer applies for a subsidy after investing in sustainable infrastructure/housing
  3. A customer reports his/her power production via solar panels

Mapping out the different touchpoints and interactions that take place between employees and customers gave us insight in the key success factors and current pain points in each journey. Many organizations lack insight into the daily experiences of their workers. We helped them understand what works and what does not by mapping out both the customer and employee journey.

The next step was to identify the desired metrics to monitor both employee and customer experiences. We defined a mock-up Experience Dashboard, one for each pilot project (selected journey).

Next, we supported our client by gathering the necessary data to feed the validated dashboard. Customer experience and customer satisfaction (CSAT, NPS and CES) for the different services were already tracked on a continuous base via different suppliers  leading to relevant insights on how to further improve the delivered customer experience. In parallel with the customer experience metrics, we set up internal surveys to monitor the employee experience (ESAT, ENPS and EES) in the teams responsible for each selected service (pilot). Each metric consisted of a score and a spontaneous motivation for the given score.

A last step consisted of integrating all metrics in a user-friendly dashboard showing employee experience, customer experience and relevant process indicators. The scores and analysis of spontaneous customer and employee feedback (as reported on the dashboards) are key inputs for the responsible teams to define improvement actions and to increase overall organizational performance.

Discover our take on the employee and customer experience: employease.

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