Defining a vision towards sustainable growth

Aside from investing in people, Lansweeper is seeking guidance on how to best prepare for the future.
Danny Boeykens

With our company growing as quickly as it is, there is often little time to think of or improve on a long-term strategy. Thanks to Möbius we found the necessary expertise to support us in this. It is impressive how quickly the Möbius consultant understood our company culture. With the right approach and a little extra inspiration, we succeeded in channeling our individual visions into one powerful internal message, defined an effective working method and developed a plan for the years to come.

Bart Maes, CEO

Strategic challenge

Lansweeper is a Belgian IT player, specialized in network management. With more than 20.000 customers worldwide, this Belgian based company has grown fast over the past 10 years. This successful growth is the result of a high-quality product & support at a competitive price.

To keep up with the increasing demand, Lansweeper has to scale-up rapidly. Attracting talented people and train them efficiently has become key to ensure further and sustainable growth. New resources and talent are needed on different levels: further development of the product itself; re-enforcement of after sales support and investments in overhead tasks such as marketing, outbound sales, HR training & development, finance, …

Aside from investing in people, Lansweeper is seeking guidance on how to best prepare for the future. ‘Which organization structure do we need?’, ‘How to organize our processes?’, ‘Do we focus on sole IT product delivery or do we evolve to a more service & consulting role?’


Möbius assisted Lansweeper to define the vision towards a sustainable growth strategy aligning different stakeholder visions and to define a high-level process map. All of this was accomplished through a series of strategy workshops. Innovative strategy frameworks and methodologies were mapped on the specific situation of Lansweeper to facilitate the discussions.


The collaboration with Möbius has led to the following concrete results:

  • A long-term growth vision
  • High-level focus on the go-to-market product strategy
  • Inbound marketing framework
  • A high-level operational process map to enable the vision
  • a multi-year implementation roadmap

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