How to obtain a larger involvement by the units?

By creating a larger involvement of the members, Les Scouts hoped to staff the most important functions and responsibilities.

Finally, an important aspect of this project is the fact of keeping the engagement going, but that is not all. It is also about the way this is being done! And there once again I was not disappointed, on the contrary. I was always able to count on a service of great human and relational qualities, whether in the construction stage, the work, the reflection and re-examination.

Geoffroy Crepin, Federal Animation Leader – Outside Relations & Utopia Project Pilot
Les Scouts

Strategic challenge

Les Scouts is an organization in which all major responsibilities are assumed by volunteers. A very active participation, joint decision taking and the collaboration as to holding events is of capital importance in the Scouts’ policy. That is why Möbius was assigned to analyse in which way to create a larger involvement by the Scouts members.

Our mission’s goal was to formulate solutions and to create an extensive base for them. Möbius carried out this mission by means of a progressive and participative approach.


  1. A questionnaire was elaborated based on preliminary interviews with the principal actors 0f the Scouts. This large-scale poll was held online and was a great success (3,167 responses, a 95 % achievement rate).
  2. In a next phase, several workshops were organised in order to identify the underlying reasons of the problem. These workshops were held in various cities in Wallonia in order to reach an as large number of team leaders and supervisors as possible.
  3. Simultaneously Möbius created a benchmark for the other scouting and youth movements to determine whether they are faced with the same problem and to observe their structure and their way of doing.
  4. All these elements resulted in Möbius defining the 4 principal themes and 16 sub-themes that were debated with 600 scouts during a World Café (a very interactive form of meeting that allows reaching a concrete result with large groups). The aim was to generate ideas to democratise and improve the federation by means of this unique event.
  5. Based on these ideas, concrete proposals were made to all the scouts by means of a massive questionnaire.
  6. Finally, based on the results of all the stages of the project, proposals for improvements as well as a plan of action were presented in an established order.


About fifteen projects referring to the basic issue of this mission.

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