Process Mapping Knauf HQ NL

From Business Process Mapping to Continuous Improvement with focus on Order-to-Cash.

As part of its multiyear strategic program, Knauf BV in the Netherlands wants to direct the organization into a strong customer focus to stay fit for at least the next 5 years.

As part of this program, Möbius was asked to lead and support the “Structure & Processes” track, focusing on transforming the organization from departmental silo thinking into process orientation (design and implementation).

Leon van der Loo

“In the end, we take the step from operational excellence to customer excellence,
the best possible customer experience” 

Sander Wicherink – Director of Finance & Logistics, CFO Knauf B.V.


  • Mapping of the “As-Is” business processes at level 1-3, via multi-disciplinary workshops (for maximal embedding) with relevant teams and stakeholder, interviews and go-sees.
  • Determination of the “To-Be” business processes at level 1-3, starting from customer needs and customer journeys, and using the bottlenecks and improvement opportunities from the As-Is workshops.
  • Workshops’ output received by using SIPOC’s and Makigami’s. This includes process swim lanes, role determination, systems used, and determination of bottlenecks and improvement opportunities.
  • Analyzing improvement opportunities and mapping them via a “benefit-effort” methodology into a prioritized set of actions and projects.
  • Piloting implementation of a to-be Order-to-cash process, using continuous improvement methodologies like performance cascading and daily management systems, for optimal organizational embedding.
  • Further implementation of other processes via “oil-stain” thinking.
Continuous Improvement Möbius


  • Process Maps defined at level 1-3 for the Core, Steering, and Supporting Processes.
  • An adjusted and improved Process Map at level 1 (domain level) established to enhance the process thinking cross departments.
  • A set of improvement projects and actions defined including prioritization, based on the gaps identified. Larger improvement projects in start-up phase. Smaller improvement actions part of the daily management system installed.
  • A daily management system in place based on a performance cascade for Order-to-Cash, with the intention to monitor performance and to get issues on the table, and to improve the cross organizational cooperation and understanding of each other needs. Set-up in continuous improvement style to ensure embedding and future ongoing improvements. Möbius is coach of this process and performs 2nd coaching so Knauf can take the lead in the future.
  • Next steps is a role out of this methodology over all core processes to support Knauf in their strive for excellence
Knauf planning board process maps