Definition and implementation of strategy

Saint-Jean Clinic was confronted with some major challenges and wanted in this context the translation of its vision, mission, and values into strategic and operational objectives.
Nicolas Claus

A consultant as Möbius has brought many benefits in defining the strategic lines of the Saint-Jean Clinic and their implementation: methodology and skills to handle a complex subject, knowledge of the hospital sector, time that is often missing when one is right in the middle, the ability to communicate in an attractive way and neutrality in the trade-offs.

Guillebert de Fauconval, General Medical Coordinator/Financial Director
Saint-Jean Clinic

Strategic challenge

Saint-Jean Clinic is confronted with some major challenges. First of all, the Clinic wants to reduce lengths of stay and excess hospital capacity.

Next to this, the reform of hospital finance and the willingness of policy-making bodies to concentrate certain medical acts and equipment on a limited number of centers ask for a clear strategy. Saint-Jean Clinic is also keen to continue to improve the quality of the care which it provides to its patients. Accordingly, it owes it to itself to attract the best doctors, nurses and employees and make use of what better technology can offer us.

In this context, Möbius was engaged to guide the Clinic in translating its vision, mission, and values into strategic and operational objectives, and particularly to “bring them to life” in the field with employees and doctors. After all, they are the ones who must commit to a continuous improvement process. So good communication of strategic objectives is absolutely essential.


Preparing employees using “small” projects

Firstly, the Lean principles were presented to all employees. They were then applied to solve problems within their team, make their work more effective and improve their working conditions. This was the beginning of the continuous improvement process.

In parallel, a “large institutional project” was chosen during a World Café with all of the heads of department.

Using all of these projects, all of the clear strengths of the Clinique St. Jean could be directed towards a mutual objective, which is the formation of a vision and strategic priorities. Everyone could see what the tools of the Lean methodology offer in taking measures for continuous improvement and the quest for excellence.

Defining strategic priorities and transferring them to each department

The vision and mission were “translated” into seven strategic priorities during several workshops with the Steering Committee. These zeven strategic priorities were detailed so that they would be understood with all of the nuances necessary and there would be no misunderstanding in terms of what they implied. To measure the Saint-Jean Clinic’s progress towards the objectives set, eighteen KPI (Key Performances Indicators) were selected and will be subject to regular communication to all doctors and members of staff.

The most significant part must now begin: the heads of department are in the throes of writing their 2016-2020 management plans based on a standard document. Once this work is completed, a roadmap for the coming years will emerge, of course including a description of the implications of these objectives in terms of activities, necessary resources, financial results of the department, etc.


Collaboration with Möbius has led to the following concrete results:

  • A mission, vision, and values translated into strategic priorities and implemented in the field by teams.
  • A 2016 – 2020 management plan for each department.
  • Performance indicators for the evaluation of progress made.
  • The completion of various projects, all employees having signed up to it.

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