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Healthcare Excellence: Capacity Management & Resource Planning after Covid-19.

As a healthcare organization you are currently experiencing a lot of stress. We are impressed by the quick operational transformation you have undertaken to address today’s crisis. But how will you manage your capacity and resources post-COVID? How will you efficiently switch to a normal operating mode? How will you ensure to consider the interests of all the stakeholders involved? 

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Supply chain resilience during and after Covid-19.

In a response to the coronavirus, supply chains are being reorganized for the short and long term. A supply chain battle plan for corona creates transparency and identifies where supply chain issues are likely to occur.  In addition, it secures logistics capacity now, but also plans production and distribution for the longer term – which is a challenge when customer demand patterns have become erratic. A clear view on available inventories and net working capital keeps the financial pressure and impact on customers due to the coronavirus under control!

Are you interested in exchanging thoughts on what a battle plan for your supply chain might look like? Do not hesitate to contact our supply chain experts Luc Baetens or Peter Vanderschaeghe!

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Smart online strategy during and after Covid-19.

Recent research from GfK Belgium indicates a tremendous increase in online sales. Online sales have taken a historical premium position compared to other channels for categories such as electronics and entertainment. Due to this rapid shift in consumer behaviour, not only retailers but actually the entire service industry and even the government are forced to rethink their online service offering.

But how do you ensure that your online service offering is aligned to customers’ expectations? How does this offering impact your supply chain network design? Which additional or innovative delivery methods such as home delivery suddenly become crucial for your business? Our experts are eager to exchange views on this topic.

Book a Skype meeting with Dorothée Laire or Sofie De Coninck to share ideas about the impact of changing customer needs. Or have a dialogue with our experts Peter Vanderschaeghe, Mathias Fahy or Kobe Wyers to talk about your supply chain network design and delivery methods.

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Optichannel Design during and after Covid-19.

Digital channels such as e-mail, webform, video-chat, chatbot, WhatsApp for business and so on are currently booming in different industries. The healthcare sector is forced to go online and to shift further towards telemedicine where possible. Not only the customer/patient experience, but also the price tag of the interaction form differs significantly depending on the chosen channel. How can your organization optimize the use of different channels in order to realize optimal interactions throughout the customer lifecycle or along patient pathways? How do you balance inbound and outbound interactions across different channels (routing)? How do you optimize total channel costs?

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