Mini-guide Opti-channel: Take control over your channels

Your channels have never been mixed this way 

Although the buzzwords are new, the concepts of multi-, omni- and opti-channel have been existing for decades. Over the last years, clients in all industries have altered their preferred choices of communication channel with companies. Even before Covid, this change in channel mix was running at the highest speed in history.  

Mixing up your channels will affect your Internal organization  

Covid-19 has activated the ‘turbo mode’ on the channel mix shift that is happening in companies right now, with the closure of physical offices & stores and the largest digital training course we ever experienced. This is affecting your internal organization as well. In order to manage this change, we believe taking control over your channels is the right way to go. 

Read our whitepaper and discover: 

  • The difference between omni-, multi- and opti-channel 
  • How Covid has accelerated the channel mix change 
  • How this change is impacting your internalorganization in three dimensions 
  • How you can start steering the channels 

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