Mini-guide optimizing online surveys

Capture feedback in a qualitative way
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Understand the expectations of your customers for online surveys

To successfully run your business, it is crucial to understand what your customers expect. An online survey offers a great method to capture feedback from your customers and prospects, instead of relying on ‘gut feeling’.

Online surveys have, compared to offline techniques, a number of important advantages, e.g.:

• Reaching a large audience, at a low cost

• Avoiding possible bias by the interviewer

• Remaining anonymous as a respondent

• Obtaining statistically relevant results

However, the success of an online survey is highly dependent on the response rate achieved. As this is often where the shoe pinches, In this mini-guide we give you a number of concrete tips & tricks.

Read our mini-guide and discover the key questions to ask yourself before creating an online survey: 

• How do you keep the survey short, simple and logic?
• How can you maximize the open – and click rate?
• How can you minimize the drop out percentage?

mini-guide online surveys

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