To a ‘postdisposable’ future

The Disruptive Innovation Festival ( – November 6th – 24th 2017), addresses the environmental issues in a number of talks. A series of them is on a ‘postdisposable’ future, a future without waste.

The main take-aways of my video summary of these talks are as follow:

  • Recycling validates waste: when people put trash in the recycling bin, it gives them a good feeling, and they feel less urged to reduce packaging. Even though recycling is a very good thing, the materials still need to be extracted from the earth and energy still needs to be used for the manufacturing.
  • When designing for a post-disposable future you have to look at the whole system. An example was given where a manufacturer put a lot of effort and investment in a recyclable packaging, only to find out that the retail stores didn’t have the infrastructure to do the recycling.
  • When communicating about environmental issues, beware not to use too many negative messages. This will trigger ‘loss aversion’ in your audience, and will close them for your message. Better is to bring a positive message.

Visit the site of for more information, as well as for a training on how to design products for a post-disposable future.