Artificial Intelligence and chatbots in healthcare

Artificial Intelligence is no longer an upcomping innovation, it is today’s reality.
Patrick Devos Brugge

Not so very long ago, the Personal Digital Assistant (the forerunner of the smartphone) made its appearance. Since a couple of years we can no longer imagine living without smartphone. And today we hear about virtual assistants such as Alexa from Amazon or Askhelix for lab applications. Connoisseurs predict a great future for chatbots and artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector.

The evolutions in digitization are going faster and faster. We would like to invite you to exchange ideas on this topic with expert Dr. Ivo Van Den Berghe, a satisfied user of digital pathology and also convinced of the role that software can play in supporting clinical practice.

The event will be in Dutch.

The number of places is limited.


19.15Welcome and introduction
19.30Round table