Circular economy: how to servicize your product portfolio

The circular economy provides a powerful framework on how to reconcile good business with responsible business. At the heart of this way of thinking are concepts like longevity, reuse of products and recycling of materials. Find out how to turn your products into services in this webinar.

One way to bring the concepts of the circular economy successfully to the market is by ‘servicizing’ your product portfolio: customers don’t buy your products anymore, but consume it as a service – on the go.

Organizing for these new types of circular business models proves to be challenging. This webinar will present you a tangible approach and toolset on how to go about in discovering, formulating and implementing your product-as-a-service system.



  • Turning products into services: an introduction
  • The strategic rationale of product-as-a-service systems
  • Cases in point on product-a-a-service
  • A practical toolset to transition to your own product-as-a-service system

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