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One of the biggest challenges within companies is to maintain operational excellence. Unfortunately, studies show that only 10% of companies succeed. These companies where “embedding” has succeeded, have found the key to the problem by putting the right focus on culture and behavior.

On Wednesday, February 14, the first edition of our Operational Excellence Community in the Netherlands will take place. The following topics will be discussed in an interactive presentation, workshop and discussion:

  • the importance of leadership, behavior and engagement during the implementation of operational excellence
  • the (ideal) behavior that is necessary to achieve truly sustainable results in “continuous improvement
  • the Guiding Principles of the Shingo Model as a guideline for defining ideal behavior and translating it into Key Behaviour Indicators
  • a quick test to see to what extent this ideal behavior is already present in your organization

We look forward to welcoming you!


17.00Welcome/startup with sandwiches
18.00Interactive inspiration session
18.45Workshop 'How working with ideal behavior can sustainably improve your operational excellence'
19.30Networking reception

Operational Excellence Community 

Are you as passionate as we are in Operational Excellence? Do you also have the need to occasionally exchange experiences with other leaders in the industry? Then take part in our Operational Excellence Community!

For whom? VPs, Directors and Managers within Operations and Supply Chain Management.

How? During periodic afterwork sessions. ‘Excellence’ topics for discussions are presented and selected by the participants.