Webinar: The road to a successful, circular as-a-service model

November 24th – 16:00-17:30

Are you thinking about switching your business model from just offering products to offering products-as-a-service? More and more players are contemplating this move. Not only because it allows companies to build long-term relationships with clients, also because it gives them access to recurring revenue streams and interesting circular opportunities. In short: the circular as-a-service model is a more sustainable and resilient business model! 

So why don’t we see companies deploying product-as-a-service systems at scale? 

The practical implementation of these models pose an important number of challenges.  

In this webinar, organized by Möbius, in collaboration with EconocomEtap Lighting and Jansen Building Company, we discuss the various levers that make or break a product-as-a-service system. Among others, defining the strategic position and the scope of the service model (service design), building the required value chain, structuring financing and guaranteeing customer excellence will be discussed. Practical testimonials and hands-on tips and tricks from innovators will close the loop at the end of the webinar.  

What will you learn during this webinar?  

  • How to design an as-a-service model that meets a real customer need?  
  • Does as-a-service mean an accounting nightmare or is this quite a feasible proposition?  
  • Do you organize everything yourself or do you opt for a partnership?  
  • How do you create an excellent long-term relationship with your users?  
  • How do you market your as-a-service model?  

Together with Econocom, Etap Lighting and Jansen Building Company we like to share our best practices on the transition from sales to a circular as-a-service model.  

Should the timing not suit you, no problem at all. This webinar will be recorded and will be made available through our website. That way you can listen to the webinar again when it suits you best. 

This webinar will be presented in Dutch. We’ll share a summary in English afterwards. 

Who will speak during this webinar?   

Mathias Fahy 
Strategy & Sustainability Expert  
Mathias Fahy 
Strategy & Sustainability Expert Möbius
Christian Levie - Deputy Managing Director Econocom Lease
Christian Levie 
Deputy Managing Director  
Econocom Lease  
Andre-Philippe Moriau  
CFO  Jansen – The Building Company
Andre-Philippe Moriau  
CFO  Jansen – The Building Company 
Michaël Joris  
Business Developer  
Etap Lighting International
Michaël Joris  
Business Developer  
Etap Lighting International