Circular building & sustainable building management

Construction offers enormous opportunities for closing cycles. Do you want to make your urban infrastructure more sustainable? Are you wondering how to achieve smart designs, reusable building systems and optimal use of buildings?

  • We supervise the tendering process for a circular renovation or new construction project. We help with the integration of ambitions around circular materials, change-oriented and modular design and innovative business models in which ownership remains with the developer or producer.
  • We investigate how to make optimal use of your buildings. We make an inventory of all your buildings and define the most optimal multi-functional use.

Leveraging procurement for the circular economy

As a city, you can take on a pioneering role by making your own internal organisation more sustainable. The procurement process is a unique opportunity to at the same time inspire your employees and motivate suppliers to make their offerings more circular.

  • We provide training on integrating circular economy principles (material and product selection, buying services instead of products, sharing, …) in the procurement process. 
  • We help buyers and facility managers to integrate circularity in specific procurement processes.  

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Facilitating sustainable mobility choices

Are you looking for the optimal mix in your urban mobility, in line with the latest developments and possibilities?

  • We help to make the mobility policy (of your organisation and/or in your city or region) more sustainable and adapt it to emerging trends such as the sharing economy, mobility as a service and electric mobility.

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