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Primary care in Belgium is in transition and is confronted with some important challenges. In addition, changes within this sector are taking place at an increasingly rapid pace and are having a greater impact. These challenges make primary care a fascinating sector, but also stimulate organizations to reinvent themselves.

Strengthened by a complementary and multidisciplinary team, we focus on participation and transition management, collaboration and network models, strategy and organizational development and expertise management, all supported by a range of skills such as data analytics and dashboarding.

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We support first line organizations in their challenges.
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Participation and transition management

Assisting with transition processes, such as the introduction of new financing models, new infrastructures, drawing up a master plan, implementing a new organizational model, etc.

Collaboration and networking

Development and introduction of different ways of multidisciplinary collaboration, ranging from a substantive collaboration to a far-reaching merger.

Strategy and organizational development

Establishing fluid organizational structures with attention to appropriate leadership, complementary roles, necessary autonomy, process improvement through Lean management and the personal development of employees.

Expertise management

Handling workload by innovative interim managers with the right knowledge, experience and skills.

Participation and transition management 

In the current context, dealing with and organizing change are essential competences to realize sustainable change trajectories. Change management is therefore becoming more and more important.

“The healthcare sector is VUCA” is a statement that sounds familiar to many people. VUCA is the term used for the situation in which healthcare professionals and organizations currently find themselves: a disruptive environment, a world that is constantly changing with a high degree of uncertainty, complexity and competition. Translated, VUCA stands for rapidly changing, uncertain, complex and vague. This turbulent environment means that primary care organizations need to adapt quickly and that they have to be agile. Change is the key word, although it’s sustainable implementation often seems difficult.

Möbius supports primary care organizations in their transition process, such as the introduction of different financing models financing, infrastructural changes, drawing up a ‘master plan’, implementing a new organizational model, and so on. By means of participation and co-creation, we work out a tailor-made change strategy with the client. Depending on the context and the concrete challenges, we offer the necessary methodologies and instruments to successfully realize and sustain your change process.

Collaboration and networking

In the context of social developments and the formation of first-line zones, cooperation between care organizations is more central than ever

Research shows that multidisciplinary collaboration within primary care is essential to develop an integrated approach. Developing a sustainable (organizational and legal) network structure involves a precise balancing act in which several visible benefits are created for both the patient and the participating healthcare organization and the healthcare worker involved. New partnerships, network structures and merger initiatives will inevitably emerge. They not only arise spontaneously or because of necessity but are also being stimulated by the government.

Our experience shows that collaboration between care institutions pays off, with the necessary respect for the culture, vision and expertise of each organization. However, cooperation is not self-evident. That is why Möbius offers the necessary objectivity and process guidance for your project. The collaboration can take various forms, ranging from a substantive collaboration to a far-reaching merger.

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Van instellings- naar persoonsvolgende financiering Zorgorganisaties bevinden zich in een steeds veranderende context van maatschappelijke trends, economische evoluties en demografische veranderingen. Dit stimuleert instellingen om effectiever, efficiënter en innovatiever te…
Multidisciplinair overleg wordt omschreven als een middel voor het bespreken van het zorgplan van een patiënt. Het betreft een overlegmoment tussen verschillende zorgverleners, betrokken bij een patiënt, met het oog…

Strategy and organizational development

A flexible organizational model and process improvement initiatives serve as leverage to develop a culture of continuous improvement.

Recent developments stimulate first-line organizations to look for ways to organize care better and more efficiently. Care must also be organized in a more innovative way, so that scarce capacity can be utilized optimally, without losing sight of the care user. New forms of organization, in which a culture of continuous improvement prevails, are therefore inevitable. However, many healthcare organizations are stuck in traditional structures, while the new healthcare landscape clearly places different demands on the organizational model of the future. After all, successful alternatives show that things can also be done differently.

Möbius helps you draw up fluid organizational structures with a clear goal. Sufficient attention is paid to adapted leadership, complementary roles, necessary autonomy and personal development of employees. In addition, Möbius has certified coaches and trainers who, together with you, design powerful development paths and interventions. Various improvement methods such as Lean Management, Six Sigma or Value-Based Healthcare can be applied.

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“Lean management” is een begrip dat zijn ingang heeft gevonden in woonzorgcentra. Zorgorganisaties worden op vandaag dan ook geconfronteerd met de eis om op korte termijn efficiënter te gaan werken.
De gezondheidszorg staat onder enorme druk om de zorg kwaliteitsvol, toegankelijk en betaalbaar te houden. Niet enkel in de ziekenhuizen, maar ook op niveau van de eerstelijnszorg. In deze laatste…
Het kwaliteitsmodel PREZO Woonzorg werd reeds in 2012 uitgewerkt door een groep directies en kwaliteitsverantwoordelijken van woonzorgcentra, begeleid door Zorgnet Vlaanderen en Perspekt. Vandaag zijn meer dan 140 woonzorgcentra gestart…

Expertise management

Interim expertise for primary care offers solace when the high workload leads to chaos.   

An organization may suddenly need temporary reinforcement. This can have various causes, such as a prolonged absence, a temporary bridging, a project requiring specific knowledge/expertise, a crisis or when the normal staff and management framework cannot handle all the challenges. We are convinced that at such moments interim expertise can offer a valuable solution to guarantee the continuity of the daily operations within an organization. However, interim expertise goes beyond management. It comprises a package of expertise that can be deployed in function of the need.

We work together with innovatively minded interim managers who are professionally involved in their profession and who bring added value to your healthcare institution. These managers are selected based on proven expertise, competencies and personal style, so that they fit within the strategy and culture of your organization.

Experts in Primary Care

Melissa Desmedt
Peter Willen
Esther Chevalier

Expertise in hospital

We have expertise in controlling costs, optimizing patient pathways and developing network structures. 

Expertise in health policy

We guide health care institutions in the development, evaluation and operationalization of policy and strategy.