Today, products are manufactured and sourced all over the world in highly interdependent chains. Supply chains are becoming longer, more complex and more fragile too.

Furthermore, the increasing volatility of the world market is leading to growing uncertainty. In this context, disruptive technologies and business models may challenge an entire sector. Möbius helps companies to deal with the strategic challenges posed by the new market conditions. Möbius differentiates itself by a resolute commitment to a people-oriented transformation approach that aims to achieve long-term operational excellence. The undercurrent of continuous improvement helps our industrial customers anticipate changes in the market quickly and efficiently, yet sustainable , thus enabling them to make coherent decisions concerning the full scope of the extended value chain, and to implement them in practice.

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Barco traditionally serves the high-end market but wants to expand to the mid-market segment. This requires a significant improvement in the level of operational excellence.
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