We help you to establish an agile organization and realize added value for your customers.

More and more organizations are adopting the Agile way of working. But what exactly is that? Agile means: flexible, limber, supple. The basis lies in creating repetitive, clear time periods (sprints), in which work is performed on the development of a service or product. However, this is carried out by several independently working development teams. All these focused teams are smartly managed and supported by different functions at various levels in an organization.

This is a radical change for an organization. By working with self-managing teams, servant leadership, targeted “timeboxed” events and the use of methodically devised resources, an organization is given the opportunity to respond agile to changes in the market.

Leading SAFe

You intend to better organize your Scrum teams and want to connect better with product management and your stakeholders. The Scaled Agile Framework is then very suitable. During this training at a general level you will get to know the SAFe framework in order to better substantiate your decisions.

Implementation SAFe

Our certified Scaled Agile Process Consultants are ready to guide you. On the basis of a tailor-made implementation roadmap, your organization is prepared to really work Agile on a large scale. Our thorough knowledge of change techniques will get you up to speed very quickly. By working closely with you and your employees, we leave an organization behind that is working optimally.

Implementation Scrum Framework 

You want to apply the Scrum Framework in the operational processes of your organization. We can guide your organization perfectly with our certified Scrum Coaches. Your Scrum Masters will be trained and coached until they have mastered their role, Product Owners will be guided in setting up a healthy dynamic Product Backlog and development teams will learn to work transparently and self-organizing.

Training Scrum Master / Product Owner

Gain knowledge of the roles, events and artifacts of the Scrum Framework in an interactive training for Agile teams to be established. Get insight into how the Agile process works using a real-life case and game. Prepare yourself and your colleagues for certification as a Scrum Master or Product Owner through intensive exam training.

Agile coaching 

Whichever Agile Framework you choose, good expert guidance is of great importance. Our agile coaches bring all these images together and relate them to the framework (methodology). Any additions that are necessary for your organization will be identified and implemented by our coach. Agile Coaching is carried out at group and individual level.


We help to get the products or services of Scrum teams into production in the short term. Making concrete products available takes place in DevOps. DevOps is more than just an IT issue in which automated testing and setting up test environments play a major role. It also concerns the organization of good work processes and attitude and behavior. Our expertise is to bring these two worlds together.

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