Producers responsibility organisations (PROs) are important players that enable the transition from a linear to a circular economy.

The dynamic landscape in which these PROs operate, with its strict environmental regulations and reporting requirements, and its rapidly evolving market of new products and technologies, requires adapted business models, flexible processes, effective technological support and sustainable collaboration agreements. In addition, we want to implement the circular economy by delivering consultancy to various core actors. We want to help private organizations to continue and implement the closed-loop and cradle-to-cradle through PROs. Sustainability is gaining on importance, but is rarely seen today as part of the core business. From our knowledge, we also want to examine with producers how sustainability can go along with profitability.

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KPIs are dead, long live KBIs!

It is all very well having nice tools; however, it is the behavior of the leaders and the employees that will determine the final results.
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A blue path to a sustainable economy

Blue thinking (based on the principles of the Blue Economy of Gunther Pauli) seeks out alternative forms of value creation where the profitability of the…
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