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Service organizations and retailers need to understand their customers and employees better than anyone else in order to provide them with the experiences they need.

Customers expect interactions to be personalized, relevant and smooth. They do no longer accept inefficient processes, outdated technology, siloed information, lack of collaboration and poor employee performances. 

The target operating model, daily processes and mindset of employees must be perfectly aligned with the organizational strategy. Digital technologies, agile teams, process automation, data mining and the use of A.I. provide the means to deliver an excellent service across every channel, at every time.

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Mini Guide on Customer Experience

This mini guide will provide insight in several best practices to address the above mentioned challenges. We developed the essential principles of modern customer service…

Love Your Customer: Let’s Wrap It Up!

The world celebrated a little holiday called Valentine’s day last week. An excellent occasion to discuss what we’re most passionate about: our customers. Möbius and…
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Redesign of the front office

Outsourced services for protection and prevention at work (SEPPT) SPMT and ARISTA have decided to merge their organisations to become a major player in Belgium.
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CEL Data Services

Reshaping and optimizing the core

CEL Data Services introduced the best practices of continuous improvement and behavior within the organization in order to be ready for the challenges ahead.
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Benchmarking catering and security study

The Flemish Radio and Television Broadcasting Services (VRT) proposed the outsourcing of non-core activities in its transformation plan. A study enabled the management to make…
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Mystery calls to raise awareness

On behalf of Federgon, Möbius has been making mystery calls for several years in order to evaluate their anti-discrimination policy objectively.
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