Operational Excellence is about an organization’s commitment to create value through qualitative products or services in a full, timely and cost efficient manner. In an excellent organization employees are motivated to support the vision and strategy of the organization. Leaders provide a safe and healthy work environment. And stimulate individuals to improve every day to sustain a state of excellence.

When you chop up the elephant, it dies.

Operational Excellence requires a holistic approach to succeed. 

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Are you a process-centered organization?

Do you need support to convert your strategy into the right target operating model?

Are your processes aligned to customer needs and customer journeys?

Are your processes efficient and effective?

Are you sustaining a ‘CAN DO’ culture with the right improvement mindset?

Not sure how to continuously improve?

Are you able to deliver excellent services with an optimal amount of resources?

We can help you improve organizational effectiveness and sustain continuous improvement.

  Leadership & Culture

Operational Excellence is driven by an organisation’s employees. Major breakthroughs can only succeed if every employee completes small-scale improvements successfully. Whilst management leads by example and is open to realize bottom-up suggestions.

  Process and Project Management Office

End-to-end coordination of project and process management initiatives, breaking down corporate silo’ and spreading the benefits throughout the organization.

  Strategic Workforce Planning

Build the right workforce for today and tomorrow. Optimize today’s workforce with an advanced planning process, based on workload and work pressure measurements, to ensure an efficient and sustainable use of resources. Prepare for tomorrow by identifying the critical roles and capabilities for the future and build a plan to get there.

  Business Process Management & RPA

Find problems, identify root causes and improve processes. Monitor running processes, track process KPI’s and trigger intelligent automated actions. Cut down on operational costs by identifying possibilities to further automate your operations with Robotic Process Automation (RPA).  

  Target Operating Model

Convert strategy and business model into a future-proof operating model. Convert strategic objectives into operational plans. Choose and align processes, organisation structure, infrastructure, information systems, suppliers and partners. 

  Lean Improvement teams

Introduce small, hands-on teams that work together seamlessly with a ruthless focus on continuous improvement. Spread the lean virus across the organization.

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