Implementation of an integrated electronic health record

AZ Damiaan wanted to implement an integrated and reliable EHR as part of its continuous efforts towards operational excellence.
Thomas Haspeslagh

Strategic challenge

AZ Damiaan wanted to implement an integrated and reliable EHR as part of its continuous efforts towards operational excellence. This EHR was used to support the various carers in the hospital in providing quality care. In addition, this EHR was also used to simplify communication with the various people involved outside the hospital. Finally, this method was also used to facilitate the creation of a network of hospitals in the region.


Departmental visits, process walks and interviews with key figures within the hospital were used to map out the existing situation. At the same time, people were questioned on improvement opportunities in the short and long(er) term. This current situation was analysed and the necessary adjustments were made to guarantee the smooth introduction of EHR. In doing so, extensive focus was given to communication across various channels, to keep as many people as possible informed.

The project governance was managed using a multidisciplinary steering committee and specific task forces depending on the particular phase of the project. The project plan was continuously aligned with the BMUC (Belgian Meaningful Use Criteria) and other initiatives relating to e-health.

The internal project team was trained and coached so that internal project staff were able to provide optimum support to the various care professionals using the EHR.


The following has been achieved:

  • A project governance that can follow up further progress in an optimised manner
  • A project dashboard featuring a clear summary of the project goals, the project budget, the project risks and the KPIs
  • A project plan in line with the BMUC and aligned with various key figures in the hospital
  • A complementary internal project team that is capable of efficiently achieving the following phases in the project
  • Internal acceptance of the project and understanding of its contribution to strategic goals

Thanks to the project guidance from Möbius we have a clear action plan and strong internal project team that is ready to face future challenges in digital care.

Xavier Keters, ICT Director
AZ Damiaan

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