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Making policy plans… minimal time investment for maximum increase in performance

Strategic challenge

AZ Damiaan wishes to improve the performance of the various committees responsible for the medical material, the medical-pharmaceutical aspect, the antibiotics policy, the transfusion policy and hospital hygiene. This will be achieved against the backdrop of accreditation, growing pressure on finances and the goal of continuously improving quality in care.

A policy plan per committee would be a real support to converge initiatives and create a clear focal point within each committee, whilst optimizing the available time. However, most committees do not possess the required knowledge of process to put in place a policy plan. AZ Damiaan also wanted to avoid every committee creating a policy plan in a different manner.

In view of this, there was a material requirement for specialist guidance to introduce a substantial knowledge of process, to instil consistency and deliver a critical view, whilst safeguarding the time framework.


The policy plans were created on five parallel routes during which the committees’ members were given intensive support. To structure the process, a made to measure template which could be completed was set up in advance, in close cooperation with AZ Damiaan. Completing the template / policy plan took place following a structured, four step process:

  1. Describing the current work and activities
  2. Evaluating the current work (SWOT)
  3. Drafting a future plan for the committee
  4. Determining the planning and measuring points (follow-up)

This process took place in three analogue work sessions per committee.

During each occasion, Möbius was responsible for preparing the work sessions based on analysis of the information supplied by the committee members (meeting reports, procedures, …), the hospital wide strategy, the legal framework, etc.

This process enabled the committee members to work smoothly throughout the work sessions. It also limited the time invested by committee members (executives, management, doctors, pharmacists, care managers, nurses, …), whilst providing an opportunity to take substantive decisions collectively. The latter was vital to secure considerable support from the members for the policy plans and have these readily available for effective use as a work instrument after finalising the project. Depending on the size of the groups and the subjects under discussion, the sessions were either held with the full group or in smaller groups (brown paper and post-it exercises, completing predefined templates, …) to ensure maximum involvement from the members.

After each work session, Möbius ensured the results were processed into (further detailing) the policy plan template.


Along with the policy plan for the next five years, a phased plan was also set up for each committee. This allows the translation of the policy plan into annual plans and enables the indicators / KPIs to be monitored on a regular basis.

The committees now have a concrete instrument available to help them realise their objectives for the years to come, further increasing both the quality and the cost efficiency of Az Damiaan.

We could depend on exceptional support from the Möbius consultant with all policy plans finalised well inside the previously set timeframe. All the various groups' members are completely satisfied with both the approach and the result.

Inge Luts, Patient Care Director
AZ Damiaan

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