Building a business case for a more robust blending process

Strategic challenge

The blending infrastructure of Cargill has been put under increasing pressure in the last years due to changes in demand. Cargill’s customers have begun requiring more complex (i.e. blended) products, shifting the demand away from mono-seed vegetable oils. Consequently, the plant leadership believes that the blending process might start acting as a bottleneck in the future. Cargill asked Möbius to perform a detailed study of the blending process, asses the robustness of its capacity and build a business case for potential improvements.


Gemba-walks and Interviews

Möbius performed Gemba-walks and interviews to understand the complete process of bottling vegetable oils at the Cargill plant. This meant that a quick scan was performed of the planning strategies and tooling, the storage and replenishment of vegetable oils and the blending and bottling operations.

Analysis of a year of blending & bottling orders

In combination with the Gemba-walks and interviews, a thorough data analysis was performed of a year of blending and bottling orders. This “data view” was used to challenge the findings from the Gemba-walks and interviews in an interactive workshop with the plant leadership.

Predictive model

In addition, a predictive model was built that described the reduction potential of blending time (and thus, it’s capacity) under different infrastructure scenarios. The studied scenarios included changes in storage, changes in replenishment strategies or the acquisition of additional blending assets.


Möbius delivered in this project a clear understanding of the bottleneck for the blending operations at the Cargill plant and quantitatively supported strategies on how to relieve it.  Combined, this constituted the business case to quantify the potential of different future blending configurations. The plant now runs with an increased throughput of the blending operations, made possible through smart and small investments.

Mobius helped us, with their outside-in view, to define solutions which we were not able to extract ourselves.

Wim Waeles, Packaging Operations Manager

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