Invest in your own social capital!

"Time is what we want most, but use worst" - William Penn

Same thing again…
‘It’s all piling up’, ‘I don’t have time for this’,….
They’re ‘Idea Killers’ and crippling for innovation and creativity.

But reality.

Unfortunately I hear this more often, and in more projects.
The training course for ‘Personal work organisation’ – which helps you get a grip on daily tasks, starting with your mailbox— is very popular.
It seems everybody is suffering from the same thing.

Time is what we want most, but use worst.
William Penn

I notice that more and more people are drowning in their work.
That project work and improvement initiatives are put ‘on top of the regular work’.
That the perception of the work pressure is high.
That there is no time for improvement and sharing of knowledge.
That absenteeism is explained by work pressure, stress and burn-out, now more than ever.

It is every passionate employee’s challenge to find a balance between the various facets of life.
Between work and home,
between family and leisure,
between time and money,
between regular work and innovative ideas.

This is a daily struggle and rat race, also for me.

An organisation revolves around people: clients and employees.

There is not a single company that praises itself and says: ’We are doing well, because we have not changed a single thing lately’.

The only constant is that everything is constantly changing.

In other words, our colleagues will only be challenged even more to live (together) differently, think differently and work differently.

It is a challenge for a company to keep making the difference and it is our conviction that it will be those organisations that dare to invest in their own Social Capital that will excel.

That is why I am very enthusiastic about a course which we are conducting at a fabulous organisation in Flanders.
A course about culture, satisfaction, well being,… of the employees.

While we received some sceptical looks at the beginning of the course:
“Why a survey?” “I hope this is anonymous?” “They are not going to do this every year, are they?”.
Those same employees are now our biggest ambassadors.

A survey or questionnaire provides us with information which we can work with. There is no good or bad. Only an indication or an evolution.

A car with a warning light flashing on the dashboard is not just put aside, is it?

Together with the employees we are looking for those indicators which tell us proactively that things are going well, or not well, and why.
We are working on the Social Capital of the organisation. We work on the employees’ own initiative and their well-being.

We have a long way to go,
But the road has been paved, and we just need to walk it.

Our personal aim is to

  1. create an awareness that everyone in the organisation, high and low in the hierarchy, has a task to do when it comes to Social Capital.
  2. go and make changes, when the climate is not good yet.
  3. make sure that the processes in the organisation are worked out in such a way that they support these tendencies of knowledge sharing and interaction.
  4. provide the organisational structure with a system for more flexible cooperation.

I love it.

And how are you doing, in your company?
How are your employees coping ?
What’s the level of your Social Capital?

Thanks for reading

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